The Scientific Way of Transforming Ashes to Diamonds Discussed Here


For the process of diamond analysis, fluorescence as well as luminescence is used widely. Ultraviolet light is actually used for the process of analysis here. The people who claim to convert ashes to diamonds make use of really sophisticated machinery to perform examination and analysis of diamonds. The instruments used in the laboratories, are extremely fine and technical in nature. You need to realize that the cremation diamonds, look very much like the regular mined diamonds. There are certain differences in the atomic structure of course, but they are not discernible to the naked eye at all.

Inspection of material

The first stage is that of analysis, where it is determined whether enough material is there for creating the diamond. The material is question is of course carbon. The amount of carbon present in bodies of individual may vary. The chance of not enough carbon being present in the remains is quite low. The different clients are always told to keep extra hair samples ready in case there is a dearth of material. An element analyzer is used for determine the amount of carbon present in the remains.

Nano crystallization

An impurity remover is usually mixed with solvents to get hold of the unstable chemical properties of the compound. The cremation diamonds are made from hair as well as ashes. These particles are ground and then stirred to make a power of microscopic particles. Everything is done in an atmosphere of gaseous chemicals. The impurity remover applied, gets attached to any kind of impurity that comes in the way. These impurities are isolated by centrifugation. Certain methods are also applied to ensure that the carbon is stored in a proper manner and all other elements are removed. The process of grinding is often compared to the rotation of the Earth.

Vacuum based purification

During this stage of turning ashes into diamonds, the purified material undergoes further cleaning at very high temperatures. The oxygen content is completely removed to ensure that the remains do not get oxidized in any way. Other protective gases are also employed to prevent oxidation. High voltage is also known to be applied for absolute purification.

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